Suspenders at a wedding. Get married in Suspenders.

Suspenders are incredibly versatile accessories. They have a purpose, provide comfort and adds a splash of the wearer's personality to their attire. Suspenders were once only relied upon for their practical use of holding up trousers, but now, times have changed.

Wedding ceremonies have become less formal and more fun, whilst keeping elements of tradition. These relaxed yet tasteful aesthetics have allowed wedding attire to follow suit, changing the way suspenders are perceived. This has allowed them to transcend from being a hidden undergarment to an iconic fashion accessory that fits in with just about any wedding setting.

Unique wedding outfit with personalised suspenders. The groom looks magnificent in his personal bretelles.

Photo: Personalised Suspenders for your wedding

Bretelles are a man’s best friend

Just like picking your suit, tie and shoes for a wedding, it is crucial that you choose the perfect pair of suspenders so that you can present yourself as a sophisticated, cultured and fashionable groom, groomsman or guest. At Baron Bretelle, we understand that you want to do the special occasion justice by dressing your best; that's why we only supply premium quality suspenders.

Every groom and groomsman wants to look their best for the wedding photos. Fortunately, the vertical lines that suspenders provide have been proven to make the wearer appear taller. This is because it draws the eye up and down, which creates an elongated perception and helps emphasise the length of the torso.

Never compromise style

It isn't a secret that weddings can get expensive, with soon to be couples looking to have their perfect day without having to blow their entire savings. This is why matching suspenders for the groom's party offers a more economical choice, eliminating the purchase of expensive suit jackets while still providing a sleek cohesion among the party that can be tailored to the wedding aesthetics and the personality of the wearer.

If the groom has several groomsmen wearing different style outfits, then the addition of suspenders will add an effective form of uniformity among the wedding party, even if different designs and colours are worn. This allows people to express their individuality and unique sense of style while fitting in with the occasion.

Suspenders in all seasons

Summer weddings are incredibly popular for a number of reasons, with some brides and grooms happy to make their vows on the golden sands of a tropical location. Whether it is for the longer days, the glow of natural sunlight or the beautiful seasonal flowers, there is always one drawback to a summer wedding - things can get hot. Although an obvious solution for men is not to wear a jacket, for many grooms, a shirt with a tie/bow is just too plain. A pair of suspenders is the ultimate solution to this problem, as they add an extra element to the attire, tightening up the wearer's form and adding an attractive 'Y' shape to their back.

If a wedding is planned during the colder months of the year, then the combination of suspenders and a jacket will provide warmth, comfort and style. If you are wearing cooler colours, it is advised to wear darker coloured suspenders against a contrasting colour shirt belonging to the same winter colour palette (blues, greys, browns and blacks).

A modern touch on a classic

Suspenders are dapper, refined and relaxed - this is why they fit perfectly with a rustic wedding setting. A popular trend among these kinds of ceremonies is to pin a flower or Boutonnière to the suspenders, with colours that compliment the outfit. If all the groomsmen are wearing the same accessory, it will add further Coherency.

It is crucial to pick a pair of suspenders that do not contrast the fabric, colour and design of your suit. Leather suspenders are incredibly popular because they go with just about any style, with one rule being that you match them with the colour of your shoes. Another important rule for wearing suspenders at a wedding is to never wear a belt with them - even if you are worried about having a wardrobe malfunction on the big day. If you choose to wear premium quality and highly durable suspenders, like a pair of Bretelles, those concerns will be put to bed.

From floral displays to catering choices, modern weddings inject the personalities of the bride and groom into them, while Baron Bretelle suspenders encapsulates everything a wedding ceremony stands for - unity, longevity and unfaltering support.


Suspenders at a wedding. Get married in Suspenders.