10 famous ambassadors of Suspenders

Suspenders are a stylish accessory that have only grown in popularity throughout the years, thanks to endorsements of celebrities and characters from the big screen. From Marlon Brando's performance in A Streetcar Named Desire, to Michael Douglas' depiction of the wall street tycoon Gordon Gekko, it seems that each decade has its own group of suspender wearing celebrities that keep the iconic fashion piece renowned throughout the world.

Suspenders continue to persist in 2021, thanks to the endorsement of celebrities who have embraced this timeless accessory into their own style.

1. Youp van 't Hek

Youp van 't Hek is a Dutch comedian, author, columnist, singer-songwriter, playwright, and critic whose love for wearing suspenders, both on and off stage, is renowned throughout Amsterdam. Reflecting his persona and art, the suspenders Youp van 't Hek's wears add a timeless and quirky appearance to the much-loved personality.

Youp Van 't Hek met Bretels - credits to youp.nl

(Photo credits: Youp.nl)

2. Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson, known best for being a member of One Direction, is a young entertainer who does not shy away from his fondness of suspenders. In fact, he has been wearing suspenders as a fashion accessory since he was a little boy in 1991. Louis' choice to pair suspenders with both shirts and T-shirts really pays off for him, as they give him a casual look that emphasises his slim frame and youthful appearance.


Louis Tomlinson wearing Suspenders. Credits to famouspeople.com

3. Prabal Gurung

As a fashion designer based in New York, it fair to say that Prabal Gurung is one man that knows what accessories are fashionable in 2021. Contrasting his own designs, which are often colourful and retro-inspired larger than life creations, Gurung chooses to wear simple style suspenders when out in public.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch encapsulates the modern British gentlemen, with his suspenders adding a splash of casualness to the snappily dressed star. Cumberbatch often chooses to wear slip strapped suspenders because they help elongate his appearance, making him look taller.

Benedict Cumberbatch wearing leather suspenders - credits to pinterest.at

5. Taylor Swift

It's not just men who can enjoy the casual look of suspenders. Taylor Swift often uses them as an accessory while creating her chic style outfits. Although she has been known to wear traditional leather style suspenders, Swift has also donned bejeweled high-fashion pieces that reflect her creative and expressive personality.

Taylor Swift wearing Suspenders. Credits to velvetrider.com

6. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum likes to step back in time when wearing suspenders, clearly taking inspiration from the 30s and 40s. When frequenting the promotional circuit for his films, Tatum often wears a nice pair of suspenders. Instead of the traditional over the shoulder look, however, the Magic Mike star takes the informal dress attire to the next level by wearing them off the shoulder, hanging to the side.

Suspenders hanging low like Channing Tatum. Credits:  Justjared.com

7. Joseph Gordon Levitt

One of the most undisputedly cool guys of Hollywood, Joseph Gordon Levitt's relaxed personality matches his outfit choices perfectly. With a habit of wearing suspenders when he is out in public, it is clear that he takes his fashion style as seriously as he does his filmmaking career.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Suspenders. credits: imgur.com

8. Jort Kelder

Jort Kelder, the former editor-in-chief of the Dutch magazine Quote, has never shied away from controversy by shaking things up with a bold claim or opinion. Although he has so many incredible achievements under his belt, ironically, he chooses to wear sleekly designed suspenders to keep his trousers up!

Jort Kelder Suspenders and Bretels. Credits: Johan Seijbel (Seijbel.com)

(Photo credits: Johan Seijbel)

9. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the most bankable stars according to Forbes, and by looking at his incredible movie career, that title is certainly well deserved. When snapped by the paparazzi, Matt Damon often appears like a dapper socialite due to his suspender choice.

10. Damon Daunno

Damon Daunno is no stranger to wearing period clothing on the stage of Broadway, especially when starring in Oklahoma!, which is set during a time where suspenders were extremely popular for their practical use. Off stage, Daunno has taken a slice of this culture, history and style away with him, wearing brightly coloured suspenders out in public and at award events.
It's hard to believe now that suspenders were almost brought to the brink of extinction as trouser designs changed and the belt became more popular. Luckily, their elegant and classy appearance has persevered and are now regarded as an iconic fashion piece. This is largely down to the stylish celebrities who emerge themselves in the latest trends and recognise the unparalleled fashion benefits of suspenders.


Damon Daunno Suspenders. Credits: nj.com

(Photo credits: nj.com)

10 famous ambassadors of Suspenders