• Sewing machine making high quality suspenders.

    The Savoir-Faire

Made by Hand

We believe in a lot of things. Art. Quality. Individuality. The limitless nature of human creativity and craftsmanship. We blend all of those things together in an unforgettable fashion statement that tells your unique style story.

How do we make it happen? Humans. Human ingenuity and craftsmanship mean no two pieces are alike. All of our products are handmade by artisans dedicated to the fine art of leather craftsmanship. It’s one of the oldest arts around, passed down through generations. And in every pair of Baron Bretelle suspenders, we celebrate the stories of those generations gone by and blend them with yours in timeless products that stand the test of time.

Therefore individual pairs of suspenders are slightly different. Each Baron Bretelles is a work of art and contributes to your own inspiring story.


A unique design

The creative design is strikingly unique and particularly timeless. Shapes are inspired by traditional heraldry. Premium leather and organic elastic cotton balance harmoniously. The suspenders are designed to be tactfully visible and to blend in with various outfits.

Connoisseurs consider Baron Bretelle suspenders to be the world's finest designed.



  • Drafts for suspender design back piece with Y model.