• Locally made suspenders sewing spools. Created in Europe, made in Brussels.

    Locally Made

Made in Europe

Thanks to globalization, our premium products are enjoyed by customers in six different continents around the globe (we don’t offer suspenders for arctic snow pants yet). 

At the same time, we strongly believe in local production. Every single step of Baron Bretelle lives locally in Europe, partnering with local artists, craftspeople, and farmers. We’ve searched the continent far and wide to find sources that provide the best materials for our suspenders and use honest practices in creating them.

Leather is sourced by passionate farmers in Italy. Textiles are manufactered in the Flanders tradition of high-quality textil, woven into its past and future. High-performance clips are built with German Gründlichkeit. Finally, Parisian haute couture gave us our wonderful fashion design. 

All of it comes together in Brussels, the heart of Europe where our workshop is located, thanks to our true crafts(wo)men.



  • Fashion in Brussels Grand Place, Europe's capital and Europe's new center of fashion?