Are Suspenders fashionable today?

Suspenders became absent during the 1990s and 2000s until the hip-hop culture came along, and icons such as Fonzworth Bentley bought them back into the public eye. 

20th-century fashion is currently making a comeback among the young and the subculture groups that dress in a way that emphasizes their style, uniqueness and character. 

Braces are very much considered fashionable in 2020, with chinos being a common trouser choice to pull them off. Suspenders are not just for men anymore, with women wearing them with high trousers or to achieve the business sheek look.

Wearing suspenders at weddings has grown in popularity. They are ideal for those who don't wish to wear a jacket or want a formal look that has a dash of casualness to it. Nowadays, there is far more choice when it comes to design, making it not too dissimilar to a decorative tie were a unique or unconventional print will deliver a bold statement about your character.

Celebrity Channing Tatum wearing suspenders at Saturday Night Live. (c)

Suspenders are a trend that has hit the fashion and celebrity world by storm, with such stars as Channing Tatum, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Benedict Cumberbatch wearing them in their everyday outfits. We are even seeing people wearing them hanging down, which gives a relaxed and rebellious look, ironically defeating the original purpose when they were first designed almost 300 years ago. They have gone from being practical to practi-cool. 

Fashion pieces inspired by suspenders have taken on a life of their own, with bombastic suits and dresses spotted on the red carpet, as well as music and fashion awards. The accessory that was once an icon of masculinity to embrace the freedom of the present day.

Are Suspenders fashionable today?