Suspenders and T-shirt: a new casual style that will blow your mind

For a long time, suspenders have been a bit of a forgotten men's accessory. That comes because the fashion industry is designing and putting special attention into the cuts and the models of the pants and trousers it makes and they come in lots of different options. But, just like everything in fashion, the suspenders are back and if you are willing to try them, they are a pretty cool option that goes with a T-shirt.

For those who might feel a bit insecure and unsure about this combo, it is a pretty stylish and relaxed look. The T-shirt is the top that perfectly combines the sports with the relaxed style. The suspenders are known as an accessory, predominantly used in smart, formal, and semi-formal outfits, but with the new fashion direction, they come as a part of the casual and relaxed outfits too.

So how to rock this style and look trendy and fashionable?

As the suspenders come in many different colors and patterns, it is only appropriate to create a contrast between the suspenders and the T-shirt. Only that way, the suspenders will be able to pop up and stand out in the entire look. Here are some styling suggestions that might help you easily deliver pretty unique outfits involving the popular suspenders.

Dark-colored suspenders + light-colored shirt

This is a combo that you cannot simply go wrong with it. The most common choice comes with dark suspenders and a white T-shirt. It is an easy and clean look, very easy to pull off, and can easily work on many different occasions. The bottoms can be black jeans, bermuda or some dark pants. The overall look is easy and comfortable.

Suspenders with t-shirt

Light-colored suspenders + dark-colored shirt

This is an opposite combination of the one mentioned before. By choosing this color combination, the suspenders will stand even more and become a dominant centerpiece of your outfit. The white, beige, or light grey color of the suspenders will beautifully be accented on the darker base of your T-shirt and it can easily make the outfit more interesting.

Monochromatic suspenders + printed shirt

For those who are looking for a more colorful look, the printed T-shirts are a popular and common choice. In this outfit, the base of the T-shirt is more than enough to make interesting details, and the suspenders in one color will only add to that. There is no need to go overboard by wearing both printed suspenders and a printed T-shirt.

Printed suspenders + monochromatic T-shirt

on the contrary, if you want the accessory to be as much accentuated as possible, then choose suspenders that will tell their own story. Just remember, when doing this, keep the T-shirt in one color, plain, because it is the base upon which the suspenders will shine and dominate in their full light.

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Suspenders and T-shirt: a new casual style that will blow your mind