Where Suspenders were Born | Wall Street

We can't talk about suspenders and not mention the most famous concentration of braces in the world. For those who have watched the 1987 classic Wall Street, or maybe more recently The Wolf Of Wall Street will know that braces are part of the M.O. This fashion accessory was most likely inspired by and passed down from executives to managing directors, Vps to associates, and so on.

But why have suspenders prevailed during the long reign of the cut-throat stock market business? Well, many believe it's down to what it represents. Those who were around in the early days of the Wall Street success of the 20th century would have worn suspenders. They were seen as pioneers, leaders and everything young stockbrokers wished to become. They would have dressed the same out of admiration and mimicry - a trend that continues to this very day.


Bracers are timeless and say a thousand words about a person. They have come along way from their original use and have taken on a purpose that greatly surpasses it as just an accessory to keep your trousers from falling. They represent freedom, style and individuality - this is why we at Baron Bretelle take pride in what we do. Suspenders have a rich and fascinating story, and we make it our mission to immortalize this in every stitch that goes into our handcrafted products. We owe it to all those that have had a helping hand in making them a success over the last 300 years, and above all, we owe it to you.

Suspenders as part of a professional attire in business and Wall Street.