The Savoir-Faire

Pure luxury is obtained by focussing on made-to-fit timeless designs and celebrating outstanding craftsmanship.


Made by Artisans

Baron Bretelle cares about the irreplaceable skill of the human touch. Artisans bring the suspenders to live entirely by hand. Each artist masters the talent of leather crafting with skills passed down through generations. It comes with an exclusivity, vigilance, and respect no machine on earth can replicate.

Therefore individual pairs of suspenders are slightly different. Each Baron Bretelles is a work of art and contributes to your own inspiring story.



A unique design

The creative design is strikingly unique and particularly timeless. Shapes are inspired by traditional heraldry. Premium leather and organic elastic cotton balance harmoniously. The suspenders are designed to be tactfully visible and to blend in with various outfits. Connoisseurs consider Baron Bretelle suspenders to be the world's finest design.